Using Your Self-Storage Unit To Package Small Business Orders


If you use your storage unit as a holding room for your small business inventory, you may find packaging up your orders at the same facility more convenient than taking the item back home to package it. Here are some tips for using your self-storage unit as a packaging center for your small business orders.

Organize your workstation to streamline your process

You'll need to keep your storage unit well-stocked with all your packing supplies and materials so that packaging your orders goes smoothly. So choose a designated area for your packing spot and your packing supplies, and keep it well-organized from the beginning so you don't waste any time hunting for things as you pack.

You can also streamline the packaging process by organizing the tasks involved to save yourself time when you're filling an order. For example, make a checklist of everything you need to do for packaging your orders (or your most common type of orders), then set your workspace up like an assembly line with each needed item in the correct spot.

Choose a climate-controlled unit

If you're only using a storage unit to store things in, climate control could be optional based on what the contents are. However, if you're going to be using part of the unit as a workspace from time to time, you need to ensure that the climate is controlled to avoid ending up with a chilly or overheated workspace.

Make sure needed paperwork is accessible from the unit

If you're already storing some or all of your inventory in the storage unit, you may need to manage your inventory virtually so you can keep it updated from multiple locations. This can become even more important if you're using the area as a packing and shipping station.

Having your records and paperwork available from your device wherever you are can make filling orders and updating your inventory more convenient. It can also help you avoid mishaps like leaving your shipping labels at home.

Choose a conveniently located facility

Finally, for convenience, you'll want to choose a storage facility that's nearby so you won't have to drive long distances to package up your small business orders. If you can find a storage facility that's also close to the post office where you drop off your packages, so much the better.

These tips can help you use a self-storage unit as a workspace to package up your small business orders. Whether you're using the same storage unit you use to store your inventory or rent a second unit just for packaging and fulfilling orders, your storage unit can provide a dedicated, organized space to allow you to efficiently package your orders.

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1 September 2020

Storage Units Are a Wonderful Thing

What do you do when you have belongings you don’t want to get rid of, but have no room for? Store them is what you do! My name is Marcy. I never thought having a storage unit would be something I’d be excited about, but I am. This may sound rather odd, but I actually enjoy puttering around in my storage unit. I like to go look at some of my old books, move things around, rearrange stuff, and even visit the people who work there. I was at a loss when I first made the decision to rent a storage unit for my “overflow” stuff. I didn't know anything about the unit sizes, how to pack things, or how to arrange them in the unit. The storage facility helped me with brochures and advice, they are wonderful. I’m going to share some of the tips I’ve learned with you.