Move From The Mainland To One Of The Hawaiian Islands


If you have chosen a Hawaiian island that you will be relocating to but are uncertain how you will transport your possessions from the mainland, learn about Hawaiian moving services that offer partial or full assistance with being relocated. 

A Partial Service Move

If you would like to have one moving crew assist you on the mainland and a separate one assist you on the island that you are moving to, you will need to take on the responsibility of meeting up with each moving crew and making plans to have items picked up or dropped off at specific destinations.

First, contact a moving crew that serves the area that you currently reside in. A moving manager will request information about the household contents that you will be moving. Supply information about household goods and vehicles that need to be moved to Hawaii. Next, inquire about shipping containers, pods, packing cubes, corrugated materials, and other shipping items that are furnished.

If you own a lot of items that are large and heavy, having them transported via a ship will be necessary. A moving service will aid with crating up your possessions and transporting them to a port. If you aren't going to be bringing a lot of items to Hawaii or if you own smaller items that won't take up a lot of space, request information about air services.

A moving crew will help package the items and ship them to your destination. Air services may be more costly, but your possessions will arrive much quicker than if they were transported by sea.

A Full-Service Move

A full-service move involves letting a moving manager take on all of the responsibilities associated with your transition. This involves packing items, crating them, and bringing them to the carrier that will be transporting them by sea or air.

Once your items arrive in Hawaii, the moving company will have already made arrangements to have a moving crew pick up the items from the seaport or airport where the items have been dropped off at. If you have a houseful of possessions, including furnishings, hiring a full-service moving crew may be the most cost-effective and convenient way to conduct the move.

Inquire about crating techniques. Some moving companies may allow customers to choose between keeping household items separate from vehicles and placing all of the items together inside of a crate. Compare the costs and choose the crating service that you prefer.

For more information, contact a moving service, such as Hawaiian Moving Inc.


6 August 2021

Storage Units Are a Wonderful Thing

What do you do when you have belongings you don’t want to get rid of, but have no room for? Store them is what you do! My name is Marcy. I never thought having a storage unit would be something I’d be excited about, but I am. This may sound rather odd, but I actually enjoy puttering around in my storage unit. I like to go look at some of my old books, move things around, rearrange stuff, and even visit the people who work there. I was at a loss when I first made the decision to rent a storage unit for my “overflow” stuff. I didn't know anything about the unit sizes, how to pack things, or how to arrange them in the unit. The storage facility helped me with brochures and advice, they are wonderful. I’m going to share some of the tips I’ve learned with you.