Moving Home From College? When You Might Want Professional Movers


As summer approaches, many college students head back home for a while. And if you've been living on your own at college for a year or more, you may need help packing up all your stuff and returning it to your home base. Here are a few tips to help you decide if that assistance should be in the form of professional movers.

1. Do the Budget Math

Hiring pro movers for a small move may not seem very budget-friendly at first. But don't write it off until you crunch the numbers. 

By the time you pay for gas, rental vehicles, pizza and beer for helpers, supplies, and rented moving tools, you may end up with a fairly hefty bill. Compare estimated costs with estimates for a few hours of a moving company's service. 

2. Plan for Castoffs

One phenomenon of college move-out days is a buildup of items being left behind. Some of this stuff can be in very good condition, and it's often fairly high-quality. If you time your move to happen after the majority of students have left, you could score on furniture, technology, and supplies for next year (or for leaving the nest). 

However, you'll need room for these things in your own vehicle. Plan for more space than you currently need. 

3. Be Realistic About Help

Most people call on friends and family for smaller moves, but don't overestimate the amount of help you can actually rely on. 

Your fellow students and roommates will have their own worries, including finals and moving their own stuff out. And busy parents may not realistically be able to come a long distance to help. If you might get stiffed when the time comes, it's smart to plan ahead with reliable pros.  

4. Hire When Moving Apartments

If you're just moving out of a dorm or similar small, on-campus housing, you may be able to handle it with your own vehicle and some friends. But if you had an apartment — especially a traditional off-campus one — you probably have too much stuff for a comfortable DIY move. This is doubly so if you're far from your personal support network. 

Where to Start

Before you decide for or against using professional movers for a college move, start by learning more about options and pricing. You may find that rather than being a luxury you can't afford, it's a vital service you can't live without. Meet with a quality moving company in your college area today to begin. 

For more information, contact moving companies near you.


8 June 2022

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